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Success Stories

John From Huddersfield

John was a lifelong smoker and had been on between 20-40 a day for over 30 years! After starting on a simple CE4 starter kit in January this year he has slowly weaned himself off the cigs and is now proud to call him self a vaper. After struggling to initially get to grips with the idea of the refillable ecig and experimenting with a number of different tobacco strengths Johns Eureka moment came when he tried RY4. Within 2 weeks of trying the RY4 flavour he was down from 40 to just 10 cigs a day supplemented with his Refillable CE4. After 3 weeks he was smoking just 5 cancer sticks a day and really getting the hang of the e-cig. Now John is proud to say he has been clean for over a month and counting since he last lit up, and is fully converted to the superior experience of the e-cigarette.

Watch out for Johns Success story video being uploaded soon, and also more success stories!